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  • Once again, the infamous Karl Denson, Melvin Sparks, Ron Levy team [plus the RLWK gang] has done it again with the newly released Cd called 'After Midnight Grooves'. #2 on WEMU's chart, 'hostessed' by Linda Yohn. AMG's got the kind of mellow-soulful vibe you & your honey will definitely enjoy once back home after a nice night out. B-3 romantic grooves baby, with some bluesy funky slinky jazz in the mix for some serious 'undercover' work. Listen

  • of London UK is now carrying RLWK titles in jolly Olde' England. As well, don't forget both the Levstore and they ship world-wide too!
  • Celebrate 4th of July w/ RLWK's 'Spangled Star Boogaloo' FREE DOWNLOAD @

  • P-Vine Records of Japan has just released a 10 song compilation called 'Organ Colossus', The VERY best of Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom. The Cd cover artwork was done in a style that's in tribute to Sonny Rollin's famous record, 'Saxophone Colossus', a HUGE honor, no doubt. More details and an interesting interview conducted by Ko Enomoto of P-Vine with Lev, on the music page. Check it out!
  • The German music/keyboard magazine OKEY! is carrying Lev's Cds for the German & European markets and is doing an upcoming full front-cover story featuring Lev this summer. Great magazine, very interesting combination of articles & lessons ranging from classical, theatre organ [!], rock, pop, blues to jazz & beyond. Chk out the cover!

  • Logon & checkout the NEW updates on We've got some new photos, bio's of the Wild Kingdomites, full-length music streams of ALL the Lev-tunes for your review, prior to purchase or download.
  • All of Lev's new tunes are now available individually for digital downloading on,, Apple iTunes, AOL, Rhapsody and most 'known' digital download services. Just search Ron Levy or Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom on your favorite site. So logon, download and create your own Levmixz!

  • This coming August- September, watch out for 'Best of RLWK - B-3 Organic Grooves' a 73 minute & 59 second 12 song Lev-ology of the best cuts from the last three RLWK Cds. Some of the tunes have been re-mixed into more hard hitting compacted shorter versions of the most radio requested tunes, all in a more rack-able, filing friendly package. We've gotten some 'comments' regarding the vintage mini-LP style paper sleeves we've been using, so we're going with the plastic jewel cases from now on. itsaulgood.

  • Levy, Melvin & Karl have completed 4 NEW tracks for the next RLWK release due out for Fall of 2004 which'll be called 'VooDoo Boogaloo' on [#206]. Former Muddy Water's and currently Eric Clapton's harp master Jerry Portnoy plays a killer harmonica solo on Lev's tribute tune to Lev's mentor Willie Mitchell, 'Memphis Memories'. 'Sax' Gordon also contributes some honkin' baritone sax along with Karl Denson on tenor, as a horn section. Funky, funky, funky. We just finished cutting another 4 tracks of new 'HOT' originals the last week of June at Witch Doctor Recording Studio in Salem Mass. btw: Shawn's moving the studio to Brooklyn NY. He and Lev should be back twistin' and turnin' the knobs, punchin' the keys, mixin' & masterin', once again this October 2004. We've already moved the organ down there!

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