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Best of RLWK: B-3 Organic Grooves

01. Sons Of Abe
02. Blues For BB
03. El Fuego de Lowell [Pt. 2]
04. SPANK!
05. Best Cookies
06. The Wes Side
07. Some Sorta Blue
08. Levtronic Blues
09. Funky Monkey Boogaloo
10. Soulard Soul Stew
11. Yo Bro' Yossel
12. Spangled Star Boogaloo

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Best of RLWK: B-3 Organic Grooves

w/ Ron Levy, Karl Denson, Melvin Sparks, Russ Lawton,
Jeff Lockhart, Joe Russo, Johnny Trama, Yahuba Garcia, Warren
Grant, Adrome MacHine & 'Sax Gordon' Beadle

  • A NEW 12 song anthology of the best, most requested & played songs from the last three critically acclaimed Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom Cd's: 'RLWK Live', 'Green Eyed Soul' & 'Finding My Way'.
  • Several songs * have been re-mixed and edited down for more friendly radio play times and has also been packaged in a more easily 'rack-able' style for stores & filing.
  • Funky Soul-jazz jams galore!
  • GreaZy Hammond B-3 organ grooves.

Stay tuned to for more developments!

"Listen to Ron Levy and you'll hear the sound-of-SOUL played in today's modern-hip grooves. It's a low-down, blues/jazz funky swing that makes & keeps Ron Levy's music stay above the pack."

- Pete Fallico - host of The Doodlin' Lounge
KUSP, San Jose

"This is a must-have disc for the jazz/jam band fan."

- Lenny Bloch - Sirius Satellite Radio, NYC

"Dig these heavy B-3 organic grooves, I did!"

- Bob Putignano - 'Sounds of Blue' - WFDU

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Don't Let the Assault Weapons Ban Expire

Dear friends & fans, I usually don't mix my politics with music but I feel and hope you do as well, feel this action will save lives and make us safer against various threats to our beloved nation and our people. Thanks, RL

The national ban on military-style assault weapons will expire on Monday, September 13th, unless President Bush and Congress act now. President Bush promised to renew the ban, but instead he's letting it expire -- he has refused to call on Congress to deliver it for his signature.

For 10 years the assault weapons ban has taken the deadliest weapons off our streets, cutting their use in crimes 66 percent. But beginning Tuesday the 14th, an 18-year-old will once again be able to buy an AK-47 assault rifle in most states.

We can stop this if we speak up now. President Bush and Congress must renew the assault weapons ban, not let it expire. Please join me in demanding it, at:

Thank you.

Email us @ Levtron Productions
816 Elm St. #137
Manchester NH 03101