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Dear Friends and RLWK Fans all over,

As you're well aware, Hurricane Katrina has devastated the Gulf Coast region and has in all effect, changed the beloved city of New Orleans forever, once my second home.

In a wistful moment of wonderful, sometimes foggy [I admit] memories; I can recall jamming with Fess at Quint Davis's house back in the 70's while I was with BB, Allison Minor smilin' & dancin', hanging out at all the great little dives & bars drinkin' & shootin' pool, gigs at Tips & JazzFest, savoring the most deliciousest food from the little corner Po'Boy shops to the fine dining restaurants and many colorful & cool places in- between, backyard crawfish boils & BBQs, the Saints at the Dome, Decatur St, Camp St, slow picks at the racetrack [& the Tastee Donut Shop] with Earl King, Snooks Eaglin jammin', Champion Jack Dupree's homecoming, Blacktop's Scott Brothers, discovering the ReBirth Brass Band, Gerald Sazon, Claudette & Cheryl, Earl Turbinton Jr, recording the Indians, learnin' piano from Willie Tee & Art Neville, Lloyd Lambert, recording with all my Blues & NOLA R&B heroes, Tulane girls & ladies of even less repute, all my friends etc, etc. Hell, I believe my son AJ was conceived during Mardi-Gras!

Some of these things & people were already gone [sadly enough] before this horrific hurricane, but now EVERYTHING there is truly destroyed and gone forever for everyone!

However, there are still many poor people down there NOW who have an all too true, vivid memory of shear fear & terror, utter devastation and human suffering of such proportion, unprecedented in our nation's history. THEY NEED OUR HELP NOW & FAST!

I'm donating 100% of all my Cd sales monies to the Red Cross in conjunction with starting TODAY.

So here's what YOU can do to help, click on these links:

and order either one of these Cds or better yet, order BOTH and receive some great RLWK music you'll enjoy and at the same time, help out our victimized brothers & sisters of this horrific calamity of Biblical proportion.

Thank you and let's pray we can together help them in time enough to help save and avoid further needless suffering and get these folks back on their feet ASAP.

Please act now.

Thanks again,

Ron Levy

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