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"Levy adds vibes, Fender Rhodes, even cello to his soul jazz mix, plus guest artists Karl Denson and Melvin Sparks. Rarely has soul jazz been so diverse and melodically interesting, while maintaining a rock-solid groove."

- Chuck Ingersoll WGMC-FM

"This is a must-have disc for the jazz/jam band fan."

- Lenny Bloch -Sirius Satellite Radio, NYC

Finding My Way

"Ron's jams are so tight, elegant, and chops-heavy, I would've sworn that he was from the UK! What a surprise to learn that he's a Yank, and a way funky one at that. His jams sound incredible on The Groove Boutique."

- Rafe Gomez - syndicated jazz mix show - London, UK

"The best we've heard so far from funky organist Ron Levy -- working here with some real heavy hitters, including saxophonist Karl Denson and guitar jazz legend Melvin Sparks! The grooves are lean and clean -- stepping forth with a solid power that recalls the glory days of the funky Hammond combo, and done by Ron in a style that pays more than enough homage to those who have gone before, but which also has a strong voice that's all his own! Loads of great original tracks -- with titles that include "Steady Like Freddy", "I Try & I Try", "Best Cookies", "Cuch Cuch", "Finding My Way", "Some Sorta Blue", and "Exfiled"."

- from

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