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Ron Levy - B-3 Blues and Grooves

B-3 Blues and Grooves

Album: B-3 Blues and Grooves

CD out of print

    1. Levtronic Blues
    2. Summertime
    3. Smoke N' Fire
    4. Gimme A Break
    5. Prayin' The Blues (Part 1)
    6. Funk Finger
    7. Eema's Song
    8. Mo' Chain Smokin'
    9. Meter Made
    10. Rooseveltin'
    11. Prayin' The Blues (Part 2)

Artist Bio

Ron Levy - B-3 Blues and Grooves

Ron Levy is known to blues aficianados for his organ and piano playing and production work on hundreds of records. Since the early '70s, he has toured the country with Albert King, B.B. King, and Roomful of Blues. For the last few years, he has served as producer for Bullseye Blues. Between production ventures for others, Ron found time to fire up his Hammond B-3 organ and lay down a record that recalls everything from the organ trio sound of Jimmy Smith to the slinky instrumentals of Booker T. & the MGs.

Levy displays technical wizardry and inspired creativity. --Boston Globe

Ron Levy, organ, piano, guitar / "Stovall" Brown, guitar / "Sax" Gordon, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone / "Cookie" Cooke, saxophone / "Buster" Wylie, bass / "Tuffy" Kimball, drums / Al Black, electric drums / Ronaldo Reubens, percussion / Richard "Rosy" Rosenblatt, harmonica / Chuck Laire, drums / Gerry Beaudolin, guitar / Gray Sargent, guitar / Smokey Wilson, guitar / James B. Wyatt, guitar / Craig Kimbrough, drums / Terry "Big T" De Rouen, guitar / "Dr. Z", tenor saxophone / Kenneth Blevins, drums / Tommie McKenzie, bass / Neil Clarke, percussion / Smokin' Joe Kubek, guitar / Bnois King, guitar / Greg Wright, bass / Phil Campbell, drums


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