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Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom


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Green Eyed Soul

Green Eyed Soul

    1. Always Outnumbered
    2. The Soulside
    3. Like Like Dope
    4. Lovin' You Again
    5. Green Eyed Soul
    6. Silver Plated
    7. Soulard Soul Stew
    8. Yo Bro' Yossel
    9. El Fuego de Lowell

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    Ron Levy - Hammond organ
    Jeff Lockhart - guitar & effects
    Warren Grant - drums
    Yahuba Garcia - percussion

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About Ron Levy's Green Eyed Soul

Ron Levy - Green Eyed Soul
[released in Spring of 2003]

"A tasty bit of organ jazz from Ron Levy -- an unsung hero of the Hammond, and one of the leading lights of the Northeast scene! Ron's playing is steeped in the classic styles of the 60s -- some nice Jack McDuff touches on the keys at times, but overall with a heavier approach to the funk that reminds us more of some of the heavy-hitters in the Prestige jazz funk early 70s years -- like Leon Spencer or Groove Holmes. The album's got a surprisingly classic feel -- no gimmicks, no "jam too much" playing -- just tight, right, and outta site funky jazz -- played in a style that really appreciates the classics, but which gives it the kind of energy that we first heard getting pumped back into the music from the Desco/Daptone crew! Titles include "Soulard Soul Stew", "Always Outnumbered", "The Soulside", "Silver Plated", "Green Eyed Soul", and "El Fuego De Lowell"."


"I LOVE 'Green Eyed Soul'. It's the best jazz-funk record of the millennium so far. Excellent funky stuff... stay tuned for more airplay!"

- Gerd Hoeschen aka DJ Ottic (Alooga media, Germany)

"The best so far by Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom"

- Leeway's Homegrown Music Network

"A gifted songwriter and instrumentalist, Levy has cooked up another platter of smoking Hammond organ jazz."


"Funk and Soul music is the heart of Ron's Kingdom. He presents compositions of his own, interpreting them in his very own style of soul jazz organ: 70's sounds mixed up with modern harmonies. To be mentioned is the extended rhythm section consisting of drums and percussion which drive the funky rhythms."

- Juergen Wolf, International Archives for the Jazz Organ

From the first note of this album you can tell that this is a renewed and improved Ron Levy. He is leaner, meaner, cleaner and more fluid than ever. True to form, Ron has once again assembled an all-star cast that many in the area call the "Dream Team”. Jeff Lockhart is hands down, the most widely respected guitar player in Boston. A rep justly attained as a main attraction of the legendary and hip late night jams at Wally's on Mass Ave. Yahuba Garcia brings so much energy to the mix that I almost enjoy his hoots and hollers of appreciation as much as I do his conga playing. Drummer Warren ‘G-Dogg’ Grant is known from New Orleans to Germany and back for having one of the thickest pockets in the business.

There is nothing more soothing or soulful than hearing a pretty melody cajoled, tickled and squeezed from a real vintage Hammond organ through those spinning Leslie speakers. Levy proves once again he is the master of the Hammond and it’s seductive melodic capabilities on the original tracks "Always Outnumbered", "The Soulside" and "Lovin You Again". These tunes as well, are perfect spotlights for Jeff’s solid Strat to sing like George Benson's hollowest of hollow bodies.

But just when you’re feeling up and good, the title track, "Green Eyed Soul" is there to remind you about them deep down soulful blues, Baby. Lifted up, and smacked right back down. Thanks for the reality check Ron. And for those of you who have heard the gospel according to Levy, you'll savor this 3 o’clock in the morning blue mood vibe for sure.

"Silver Plated" is such a screaming wake up call and at the same time, slow burn of a song, it again truly testifies to Ron's continuing study and evolution as a composer, arranger and soloist. Warren and Ron lay its jagged ‘acid-jazz’ form down while the percussion and guitar slyly dance around ominously with clearly defined purpose. It is personally, my favorite jam on the album.

More new Levy compositions keep coming along strong with the Mardi-Gras boogaloo styled samba of "Soulard Soul Stew" that gives the rhythm section an extra chance to shine and "Yo Bro' Yossel" emotes as classy a vibe as one could ever hope for.

The smokin’ finale, "El Fuego de Lowell" is a nine-minute, Afro-Cuban, freak-out jam. The Wild Kingdom shows no restraint on this track as everyone drives fast and hard along with Levy’s pumping organ bass and montuno figures. It just can’t be denied mis amigos. Yahuba has a total percussive rhythmic blast and the totally whacked out Pink Floyd siren like flourishes in the distance are classic Jeff ‘ Lockhart Monster’.

Instrumental organ combos can sometimes be a limiting format especially without a vocalist, horn, or horn section to fill out the sound. Not the case here. Ron Levy’s Wild Kingdom lineup as is with their hip encyclopedia of sounds and grooves nail it good and tight every time. Their leader Levy, as always, commits fully to every single note he plays with all his heart and ‘Green Eyed Soul’.

- Jay Flanzbaum / Visionary Booking

Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom
Jeff Lockhart, Yahuba Garcia, Ron Levy, Warren Grant

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