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Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom - Live!




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    1. Sons of Abraham
    2. Blues for BB *
    3. Like, Like Dope *
    4. Gaucha Girl
    5. Levtronic Blues
    6. Funky Monkey Boogaloo *
    7. Confusions

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Artist Bio

Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom - Live!

On this ‘live’ disc recorded at Boulder, CO’s Mountain Sun Brewery, Ron Levy’s Wild Kingdom masterfully explores the vintage sounds of a killer tight B-3 organ trio with a big twist of the new soul-funky-groove vibe that is proving to be irresistible among those in the know.

Everyone from college students to traditional blues and jazz fans are testifying to the electric raw power of a ‘live’ RLWK jam. A hip sound that is capable of “blending jazz, blues, hip-hop, Latin and even gospel music in ways that blow apart the stylistic boxes imposed upon music in America today” (Ken Franckling - UPI).

Ron Levy’s seminal explosive grooves can be heard at any of his 200+ tour dates a year all across the US and have been captured previously on three highly acclaimed Cds, including ‘Zim Zam Zoom’ (**** Downbeat), ‘B-3 Blues & Grooves’ ( **** ½ All Music Guide) and ‘GreaZe is What’s Good’ (**** Jazziz).

This Cd was originally recorded on a Sony Walkman cassette recorder by our fine guitarist John Trama. While being extensively taped by many 'tapers' with sophisticated recording devices on tour, we felt this tape best represented the real true 'on stage' feel of RLWK. One stereo mic was placed on top of the Hammond. There were no monitors, no PA, just us and our instruments jamming in a cozy hip club. The Mountain Sun Brewery was the first club we played in Boulder CO the year before and a bunch of our friends and fans packed us out again and made us feel right at home immediately.

This recording was not a planned recording session and developed organically as the night grew. All the songs are stretched out, with extended solos and totally spontaneous arrangements. We even had a former 'Fat Mama' band mate of drummer Joe Russo, Moogologist Eric Deustch sit in for some serious wildness on 'Confusions'. As you can hear for yourself we all had a ball and wanted to share this music with all of you.

Ron Levy, Hammond organ, organ bass & leader / John Trama, guitar & wah wah guitar / Joe Russo, Drums & percussion / Eric Deustch (special guest), Moog synthesizer on Confusions


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